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day off and all that stuff that makes us budy

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2014, 7:44 AM
Tomorrow I have a random day off work since I need to work on saturday, this and the next. I don't get why they don't give me monday off so at least I have 2 days! But not, tomorrow I'm off and then on sunday, then I work until next sunday without a day off. How annoying. But next sunday I get to go to the beach, yay! I'm looking forward to it. The beach we have bbq at is beautiful, I can't wait. It's my fave event for foreigners in my area. Then a weekend after that I'm off on holidays for 4 days, going to an island to see the forest Miyazaki used in his Pricess Mononoke film. If the weather is good, I wanna go kayaking and diving. It's funny but I lived 10 years in the UK without going to the beach and never really missed it, but here I realised I actually love it. I used to go every weekend to the beach when I was little cos my folks had a house there, but then I grew out of it. It's great being closer to a nice beach now. I feel that if I lived by one I could stay in Japan forever. 

Anyway.... tomorrow I'm spending the whole day on faceups. I have few of my own heads to work on and some commissions. Mind you, I work slowly on commissions cos they need to be perfect, but my own stuff if usually kinda ... yeah whatever~ 

Stuff I'm working on...

:bulletgreen: La Legende de Temps Dove... I have 2! Yep, one NS and one tan. I wanna keep the tan one but I can't seem to find a body for it. The closest match is dollshe pale tan, but then the body doesn't work for it, I could use dollstown 15years old body.... but it's ugly and I don't want it >.<! I thought maybe an Iplehouse nYID light brown, but apparently is not dark enough... :/ maybe a supia? But I don't know if the neck will fit. u_u that's why I hate buying just heads.

:bulletgreen: Switch Mara... I think it's a Mara lol... maybe it's a Uhui:R? I dunno... It's mine but I can't remember, i need to check the certificate. I'm selling this one as soon as I finish painting.

:bulletgreen: April Story... something, can't remember his name, Raven? Also for sale...actually, I'm gonna sell him with the body cos I don't have any head for that body now.

:bulletgreen: Crobidool G line. Commission. I'm so surprised to see the size of this head! G line is 78cm I think, huge! I'm looking forward to finish him. So much easier to paint big heads lol

:bulletgreen: IH Addiction ... not sure the sculpt but it's grey. I never painted on grey resin before so I'm excited about it too. I haven't yet started on that one, I need to make sure the sealer will not be all weird on grey.

:bulletgreen: Infinity Doll Ryan, that belongs to sdrcow, I've had it for months, I few awful about it. But I painted and didn't really like it all that much for it's all dark and more evil looking lol. I wanted to try something else. I'm gonna finish and see how it goes, if I don't like it then I'll do another one. Sorry sweety~

No, I won't be able to finish everything tomorrow sadly. I also have another commission coming. Migidoll! Yay.... I have't painted one in YEARS. I'm so tempted to buy a Cho... I want a tan one... but I've had one before, a Miho, he was my 1st Hayaki, so cute. I need to see the size of the head cos it might not fit my collection anymore.

Writing scripts for the films and the comic will have to wait a little. September is a busy month, so many events at school, and to make matters worse, I'm in a play for the cultural festival this friday... oh man, I hate being on stage. Not only that I'm playing this arrogant foreigner who has to yell at one point. The problem is that the whole play is in Japanese apart from my lines and having to memorise when it's my turn to butt in is not easy T^T.... we have another 2 days of rehearsal.... u_u why do I get involved in things like that?

I feel like I've been very anxious. I know my stages and I got to the stage where I smoke. 3 days ago I smoked 6 fags in one evening. Mind you, I hadn't smoked in 2 years. I never say I quit because I know eventually I will feel like smoking again, so I say I have stopped for a while. I even have packs at home and I just leave them be really (bought them in 2012 lol) ... but yeah, the other day, I got them out. :/ That's how high my anxiety level is... I'm turned to fags. Not good. I remember I started smoking again when I found out I was coming to Japan. Here I stopped after ... 8 months I think. 

I'm gonna try and relax, now sure how because I'm not sure what is actually making me this anxious. 

Oh well...


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