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aPPlejaZZ Episode 1 -  BONUS PAGE - MIX-TAPE 1 by aPPlejaZZ aPPlejaZZ Episode 1 -  BONUS PAGE - MIX-TAPE 1 by aPPlejaZZ
I always talk about indie but I not always say what exactly I'm listening to. So, this is my mix tape, or Laken's mix tape, to you all. 

Laken's fave band: The Shins

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aPPlejaZZ Episode 1 - BONUS PAGE - MIX-TAPE 2 by aPPlejaZZ

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。Doll Info 。 
Kieran is a Dollzone Yuu 
Laken is a Dollshe SA Saint v1
Takeru is a Ringdoll Edward
Hayaki is a Switch Taeheo

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LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Fantastic playlist! I listen to a lot of different genres and artists
so my playlists are usually all over the place! XD My doll's playlists
I try to make flow a litte better from artist to artist lol. My friend and I
tend to make playlists specifically for different scenes we write though.
So there's now certain bands or artists that I think I will always relate
to certain characters we write now. I think it's lovely how much
inspiration music can give. (We tend to make playlists even for doll's
that don't have a background in music like our prog rock bands do etc).
I also love when book author's make playlists for their books! 
Sorry to ramble haha! Back on point, fantastic playlist and awesome photo!

I've got to catch up to the story soon! I read some of it on SJ then I 
think I got behind!
aPPlejaZZ Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Photographer
I am what some people call 'music snob' cos I only listen to mostly one genre and I can't stand anything else. I'm not really a snob, it actuallt makes me very anti-social cos i hate going to clubs or bars that play other than indie, maybe some oldies rock. It annoys the hell out of me and I have a shit time lol

I am very ignorant of other genre so I don't know any band/singer so my characters have to like what I like. We don't have the same taste as to faves. Like, Takeru's fave is Cornelius, I like Cornelious but I don't even own an album... I could never say a character like hip-hop cos I know zero artists and I don't want to even research it lol

I guess I've been posting a lot of it. I wanna get a 2 page per week at least
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I don't really go to clubs or bars anyway because where I live,
the only bars/clubs play mostly country music and that is one
genre that I am not a fan of for reasons. 

It can be hard listening to a lot of music types too. Sometimes people
don't like me because I listen to so many types of music. Some people
don't think I should be able to listen to metal one moment and then
pop or alternative the next. Apparently I'm not hard enough for some people lol.
I just think it's cool we're all different and some people like only one thing
and some people like a few and others like many. But yeah a lot of people
in my area don't have the live and let live mentality so a lot of people 
around here end up not liking me on that fact. It's so weird how musical
passion has such a tendency to bring people together but for some
it also can tear people apart as well.

I have a few characters that listen to music genres that I don't like but I
end up just not having playlists for them because if I don't listen to it, I
honestly don't want to end up researching it either lol. It's just a pain
to even think about delving into specifics for stuff I don't like/listen to.
I might just mention it in the storyline (either the genre itself or maybe
specific artists) but I don't really end up actually getting a playlist together
for those characters then, so I understand that.

I really need to get myself caught up! Hopefully I can this week! :)
aPPlejaZZ Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Photographer
I am probably one of those. lol I don't understand people who like many music genres. I tend to assume they don't have a passion for music like those who like specific genres. To be honest, I don't understand anyone who likes dance, hip-hop, rap, boy/girlbands...  and a lot of the pop stuff that makes me wanna die inside. I grew up listening to jazz, blues (cos my dad plays), beatles, classics, but my parents were always horrified about my music taste, cos I like stuff like guns & roses (back in the 80s), rob stewart, and before that I liked Kiss.... and after those I liked Nirvana and all went indie from them on. I am guilty of music prejudice :( I know I shouldn't but if someone like rap alone we simply can't be friends because personalities will clash and if I'm in the car with that person and they start listening to it I will jump out and die >.< ... I do like some pop tunes (like Kate Perry, Sia, ABBA... don't own any albums - apart from ABBA - but some songs I like), rock, punk (love old punk), some ska.... I mainly only buy indie records tho.

I used to rp Prince of Tennis, and I played one character who in canon liked trance music, so I had to research that... u_u no fun. I do like a couple of trance tracks... in clubs! I don't think it's the kind of music people should ever listen to if they are not high of some form of legal or illegal drug lol
LucidRequiem Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I like some pop artists, not everything. Some popular
music makes me want to stab my eyes out with a fork
too. I am very passionate about music though. I mean
honestly music drives pretty much my very existence.
Everything I can relate to music in some way. I can 
relate pretty much everything to a song or a band
or even a music specific memory...or even a single
melody. So not all of us that listen to a lot of music,
are passionless about it just because we listen to a
lot of different things =) For me, I always seen it as
I have too much passion for one genre to hold me lol
I don't mean that negatively to people who listen to
only one. I just say that because I relate so much of
my life to music and I like having different sounds to
go with different aspects of who I am. Now I don't like
EVERY genre. As I've already stated, I don't care for 
country (some older country like Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash,
etc I do have an affinity for because it reminds me
of my grandmother and things in my past) and I 
don't like a lot of forms of country or things close to it
like bluegrass. I also don't care for grindcore/thrash/noise
bands either and certain forms of metal just aren't my 
thing either. But I do like a bunch of different stuff.
I think because my personality is everywhere. I've
always felt like so many people in one body. I like so
many varied general things that contradict each other.
It's always been hard to learn and know who I am 
because of that really.

I used to listed to rap/r&B/hiphop when I was younger
though not so much now. In my area that was for a while
growing up the only non-country music you could really
get a hold of (well that and pop) a lot of us sort of
turned to that before we started developing our own
set apart music tastes. Some I still don't mind but
I don't listen to it often nor will it ever be the sole
thing I listen to.

You wouldn't have to worry about jumping out of my
vehicle for any reason haha! XD
I don't make anyone listen to anything in my car
that they don't like. All someone would have to say is
"Hey I don't like this music can we change it?" I'm not
weird about it I will just say okay and find something
else that they like that I can like too. I don't want anyone
to feel uncomfortable riding in my vehicle. And since I like
a lot of stuff, it's usually not hard at all to find something
they like that I like too so it's a win/win on my side and
their's. Which actually the small few friends I do have,
I normally already know what they like musically and
what they don't so I kinda default to something they
would like when we get in a car. I have a friend who 
hates my "angry sounding music" so whenever she 
comes over I flip it over to some of my more mellow
stuff that she is okay with. I'm honestly not a hard
person to get along with in any aspect because I
think way too much about others and things like that.
I shouldn't but it's really just my personality I've always
been that way.
aPPlejaZZ Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014   Photographer
My issue with the liking a lot of stuff is that the majority of that stuff has no artistic value whatsoever, it's purely commercial. I never really liked pop, when I was little i liked Michael Jackson, but when he was black cos I'm old. I liked some Madonna too but that was it. My brother liked the more pop (but leaning to rock too, like Genesis or Dire Straits)  and I felt into the evil world of indie, which back in my time with no internet you had to try and dig music up from the groud or something, or stay awake until 2am to watch the indie program on MTV. I imported o many CDs (and CDs were about 3 years old then), spent all my pocket money on bands I has never heard because I heard that a band I liked had toured with that other band... and I hoped they were good. Pop was all around me, I just didn't think it was 'proper music'. It had no soul to me, I felt nothing listening to them. Most of it is just someone performing someone else's song, which has beem mixed to sound more appealing to the majority. It has little artistic value, and a lot of $$$ value. They are made to sell, and when creativity becomes about making money it dies. You end up with the same old thing. From New Kids on the Block to One Direction... it's all the same, the same people making the songs with one purpose only... to put pretty boys to jump around like idiots 'singing' tunes designed to stick to the mind so major labels get freaking rich selling half-arsed copies or copies of songs they made lots of money with 20 years ago. I hate that. 

I don't mind the pop rock stuff... say Aerosmith, or Metalica ... I wouldn't choose to listen to them, but between that and Britney Spears I will happily take them. But I'm also no into angry music, there are ways of being angry without killing the melody with screams >.>... but seriously, I don't drive, so I'm other people's cars a lot and they never listen to what I like because I'm picky about music. So I have to put up with Backstreet Boys, some fake indie like Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga... I really wanna die sometimes lol... but thank god, not r&b/rap/hiphop... I would ask them to change it or put headphones on with better music >.>

I'm glad to see someone respects others music issues lol
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